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Técnico de hardware

Tailor Made Hardware and Software

Our tailor-made hardware and software developments help companies to solve their business challenges with developments to allow it can accommodate that customer's and their projects particular preferences and expectations.

The ConeXalab tailor-made hardware and software division comprises an array on-demand customization options for the Industry4.0 needs.

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PROJECT START To have a precise understanding of the goal and scope of the project, we take the time to listen to your needs and expectations.


SIMULATION Before starting the prototype design, we simulate the device's subsystems to obtain more information about their behavior and reduce development time.


PROTOTYPING The design of models or prototypes is one of the most important parts of each development, it allows you as a client to know the evolution of the project and be part of it.


DESIGN VERIFICATION A key activity of our work is design verification, this allows us to offer you a quality product that meets your needs.


PRODUCTION Our manufacturing-oriented design means we can help you implement small or large batches of devices and set up production plans. If you need it, we can also take care of the management of suppliers and purchases.


PROJECT CLOSURE We document the entire development of the project, we deliver source files, design memories, results and quality products.

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