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Digital Twintechnology

Analytic Engine for a better life

Enter to digital twin technology of ConeXalab to maximize the value for Engineering, Agriculture and Ecological assets.


All teams in different areas are under increasing pressure to optimize performance while reducing risks and minimizing emissions. All set against a volatile global backdrop. Digital twin technology, with engineering data at its core, is helping to all gain control and improve the value over their assets. By connecting the right people to the right data and the right processes, all gain greater end-to-end insights. For this way they can quickly identify the actions and strategies needed to deliver sustainable performance improvements. 

Vista aérea de Orchard


With artificial intelligence (AI) models and patented methodologies used in the collection and analysis, the process of continuous monitoring of the dynamics (changes) of the areas, coming from various capture platforms (Satellite, drones and IoT), is optimized.

i-CO2 platform

Multiplatform, Multitemporal and Multisensory
Space Satellite

Monitoring with

Satellite Technology + AI


Monitoring with: Drone Technology + AI


Monitoring with: IoT Sensors Technology

+ AI


With satellite information capture techniques, drones and IoT sensors, using artificial intelligence models and with the security of Blockchain for data traceability, increase the precision of the valuation of your environmental and agricultural assets

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