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SDGs that we seek to positively impact


Community of services and products in the health sector for iHuman360, ranging from telemedicine, interoperable medical history, taking vital signs and screening using artificial intelligence, occupational health, home care, marketplace, among others, to:

SDGs that we seek to positively impact



Establish smart mobility protocols, keep track of your health status anywhere, anytime. Have timely reports on the health status of your collaborators, visitors and relatives of employees, in special health situations such as COVID-19.

Health sector

As a trusted professional, I expanded its services through technology, with all the quality and security of patient information.


With your trusted professional or the list of specialist doctors at your fingertips, make a medical consultation in the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

Keep your medical record with the greatest security in an interoperable way.


Strengthen the reach of the Regulatory Center for Urgencies and Emergencies (CRUE) and bring specialist medical services to your entire territory using technology, improving the scope, speed and security of information for emergency and medical services.

This is a solution developed by:

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