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Capturing carbon for a brighter future


i-CO₂  is an Innovative, environmentally friendly solution designed to take  CO₂ carbon data captured from crops and forests.

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With i-CO₂ you will be able to identify how your crops contribute to reduce the CO₂ in the environment. By gathering data from your crops you can increase their value in knowing their health condition and how much they are reducing the CO₂  in the environment. 

Smart agriculture , farm , precision farming concept. NIR images application screen used t
Smart agriculture, farm, precision farming concept. NIR images application screen used t

Harnessing AI to drive carbon capture and protect the ecosystem


data capture

Data is captured from different types of sensors . This allows to increase data frequency.

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Persona analizando datos

Data preparation & optimization

The platform orders, optimizes and prepares external data and  images to act on them making use of proprietary Big Data and Machine Learning techniques in order to discover the CO2 capture levels and other variables.

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VR Goggles

easy to access

Our customers can now access KPIs information, alerts and predictions through consoles in order to make strategic decisions.

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In ConexaLab we apply technology to improve all elements of the farming and growing processes.

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