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I-IDRMS is an Intelligent-Infectious Disease Risk Management System. The objective of the system is to provide an integral platform with analytical, artificial intelligence and hospital process tools that allow the effective attention of patients with contagious illnesses and generates suitable data for decision-making at risk situations. 

The system is filled with 5 modules that facilitate the tracking of infected cases and the projection of infected areas; integrates (integration) the data of the health institutions and the infrastructure used for emergency attention; the virtual screening, the medical records, and resources management for treating patients in nonhospital areas; the patient inventory sheet, the monitoring of the patient’s evolution and needs; and the analysis of the patient’s digital behavior.

With i-IDRMS mange wisely the risk for infected diseases in your territory. Create a quick map of possible people with signs and symptoms of the virus and their impact on close people and community. Project, using digital information from the patients, the zones of the territory and the people who are or were exposed to a contagious situation; exchange vital information with the infected patient and their emergency response teams, all of these with the highest information security standards.    

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