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 Efficient, Effective and Efficacious

We are a Company committed to development and Innovation. Which bases its growth on environmental sustainability and mutual support for the common good.  


We firmly believe that our actions must be reflected in the improvements in the living conditions of our community, workers, suppliers, allies and partners. That is why, as a vital part of the company, we consolidate projects that meet our purpose every day. 


Our social innovation program seeks strategic allies who want to be part of social transformation, working together on programs that allow society to have better tools and opportunities for its development. Convinced that these actions are a good solution to so many social problems, we promote collaboration at all levels and are willing to comply with the following principles:




Corporate Social Responsibility

We invite you to be part of our projects, seeking to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Sector: Education

Thanks to MAMUS we are committed to strategic CORPORATE social responsibility, reaching hundreds of children and young people in Colombia with STEAM training and content. 

Supported tools:


Mamus -SCRATCH (2020- until 2025)

SCRATCH guide image.png

STEM Material: 9 Guides


STEM Training:

Robotics workshops: 60

AI workshops: 12

Programming workshops:60

Children and young people trained:  1,231+

Trained teachers: 22+

Project: Save the rivers of Colombia

Sector: Environment

Committed to our environment and the causes that protect it, we support the environmental organization Santander por Naturaleza, in the honorable work of saving the rivers of the Department of Santander in Colombia.

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