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Persona analizando datos

Solutions focused on data analytics, artificial intelligence and big data 

The data belongs to everyone, but the strategy when extracting and analyzing it is the differential to enhance the value.

The ConeXalab Data Science unit is here to create value by understanding our clients' business and bring them closer to their objectives by making use of the company's most strategic asset: Their DATA through data science.

We develop models to extract the maximum benefit from the information that is continually captured by CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, Data lakes, Data Warehouses, etc. thus generating proactive strategies that take into account historical events to diagram the future of each business.

Image by Martin Sanchez

Data Science, Data Mining and Analytics

Open Data Mining

Demand Driven Planning and Optimization

Unsupervised Learning


Supervised Learning

 BI: Business Intelligence


VDDVisual Data Discovery

Case of success

Energy Sector

Agricultural sector

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